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Welcome to the Castle of World Wide Knights in which Honour, Justice, Wisdom, Courtesy, Bravery, Friendliness and other knightly virtues rule as our Life Style! Are these virtues important in your life too? You are invited to join our community and become a World Wide Knight!

What's the Story of World Wide Knights Community? How, When, by Whom and Why were We Founded?

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From Logician :

Web communities are a big interest of mine. I've been involved in many internet communities for years as owner, administrator, user, staff or technical consulter. I've administered a lot of very large general interest communities all over the world which are among the largest sites in their subjects and have huge number of post/member database and visitor traffic.

I'm still involved in many of these large web communities in one way or another. And due to my experience with these communities, I know very well how much efforts it requires to build a new community from the start, take it from a "tiny little spot in the internet" and make it a famous community known world wide with high visitor traffic. So even if I was always enthusiastic to build new communities, frankly speaking I never find time, nor energy to pursue this adventure due to my busy role in other communities as well as my tight schedule in my profession.

Then on April 17th 2007, my daughter OZGE has born!

To celebrate her birth and to give her a DIFFERENT and SPECIAL "Welcome to World!" present, I wanted do something "good, honorable, favorable, helpful and useful" which will inspire and lead Ozge in a positive way when she gets older. And what would be better than trying to "Spread The Good", live by the virtues like Honour, Justice, Wisdom, Courtesy, Friendliness, Bravery, endorse this way of life style and get together with good people all over the world who also share the very ideal? The idea of establishing "World Wide Knights" community has then dawned to me.

Due to my role in web communities, I was aware such a "good community for good people" was long missing in the virtual world of the internet and it would be fun and very exciting to gather people all around the world who are honourable, friendly, polite, courteous, clever, respectful, just, intelligent, dignified, trustworthy, responsible, objective, generous and decent. It would be wonderful to give a friendly, inspiring, supportive, peaceful, motivating "Web Castle" to such fellow "Knights" who would feel very welcomed in the community. It would be GREAT to share, communicate with these great people and think together to excel ourselves as well as make a world a better place by endorsing and spreading our principals, virtues and way of thinking.

This would indeed be a very hard challenge to take but wouldn't it be FANTASTIC if it succeeded? And considering I know nearly everything (from technical to marketting) about building and running a web community, I decided to do this as a tribute to my daughter, hoping that she one day will follow the honourable principals and life style of this very community as his father does, when she grows up.

It took around 5 months of intensive work to put things together, build ideas, create technical background of the community and the official openning date of the community is announced as the September 17th, 2007 when Ozge is 5 months old.

Being a very fresh and new community, it will obviously take years to florish and come to a good point which we target. It will take countless hours, efforts, money, work to achieve but as far as we stick to our Knightly Principals which also involve hard-working, idealism, tenacity, wisdom, determination, generosity, unselfishness, we know we'll succeed!

And we are the "World Wide Knights" whose destiny is to succeed!

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(errm.. The Holder of the Castle Keys!)
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