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"Spreading the Good" : Concept, Definition and Philosophy "Spreading the Good" : Concept, Definition and Philosophy

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Default "Spreading the Good" : Concept, Definition and Philosophy

"Spreading the Good" is one of the major philosophies we, World Wide Knights, are proud to follow. The concept is our very own too! But we are happy to spread it to anybody who likes to embrace and own it.

So what's "spreading the good"?

Our concept can be defined as good behaviour which is not just for one time, but instead something that triggers a sequence of multiple good behaviours which rolls over.

The philosopy is simple : "It is good to do something good. But it is better to start a sequence of good events which keep on being good and spread!." So why doing a good thing alone when we can trigger a serial of good things?

To manage this, we try to convert every good behaviour we act into a series. For instance consider you give a scholarship to a poor student so that she can complete her education. This is a good behavior but it will last there when scholarship is over and will not repeat itself. But if you take a promise from the student that when she is graduated from the school and start making her own money, she will also give a scolarship to a poor student and also by asking the same thing in return, there is a good chance of your good behavior to spread and keep going itself. So now this is a typical "spreading good" behavior.

Your spreading good behaviour/favour needn't be that major. Let's give an example of a much simple and basic act: If you leave a book you read in a cafeteria so that someone else can read it, this is a good behaviour (but not spreading good). But if you stick a paper in the first page of the book, this will be a spreading good if it says :
"I donate this book to you so that you can read. But please don't put it to your library after reading, instead leave it somewhere else as I did, so that another person can also read it. And maybe you can even consider doing the same with one of the books of your own?"
You just make the book being read by multiple people instead of by being one and moreover you may trigger a sequence of habits in which people can donate other books to the system so the good behaviour of you may "spread".

World Wide Knights are proud of following spreading the good concept and make it a lifestyle!
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